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Considering the age old retail consumer problem of getting lost & feeling disoriented inside large stores, malls and consumer stores – leading to chaos, time waste and energy waste, the humble Bluetooth technology has proved to be a blessing in the form of “indoor navigation”. What is indoor navigation? It means that through the Bluetooth beacon devices installed inside a brick and mortar building, a user (shopper, customer or passenger) can find the exact layout of the structure through an App on their mobile phones with respect to their current location. Usually, the accuracy of information provided by this program is known to be a few meters to a few centimeters in some cases. Even though most users of this technology ask for meter-accuracy, some retailers demand a centimeter level accuracy to study the shopping activities closely.   

One of the key features that any proximity marketing technology partner offers to their retail business partners, is indoor navigation on their customers’ mobile phones. From a higher point of view, it helps retailers to connect instantly with their shoppers, guide them, show them relevant content, assist them to make decisions, send the shoppers’ exact aisle level location to a nearby staff for instant assistance and so on. On a finer level, this facility helps avoid chaos, mess, manage spaces inside retail stores, create a hasslefree experience for the user. When we think about retail, time and relevance is of the highest essence; perhaps being an important factor for potential business conversions, which is what we try to address through the Bluetooth technology. By doing so, we are able to know exactly what a shopper has purchased, liked, trailed, enquired for, and can send them relevant and useful recommendation that matches with previous or current buy/s.

Benefits Of Indoor Navigation Through Beacons

  1. Deliver key information to shoppers/ users
  2. Gather important customer insights
  3. Easily locate a department, store or aisle and plan one’s purchase
  4. Make inside the premises navigation easier and hasslefree
  5. Gather important visitor demographics
  6. Increase staying time
  7. Enhance customer engagement
  8. Provide real time information to helpdesk or backend
  9. Enable instant modifications or changes if any
  10. Find out customers’ shopping patterns or areas of interest
  11. Establish an instant connect between business and consumers
  12. Time sensitivity
  13. Crowd and space management

Through beacon enabled indoor navigation, retailers can (have known to be able to) track customers down to the aisle level – which is extremely important for them to understand buying patterns, interaction and interest areas, profile shoppers and also gather demographics. In short, through this intelligent feature of the Bluetooth technology, one can actually gather vital information or data, in real time and convert it into analyzable reports; assist shoppers with whatever it is that they need – immediately. Customized messages like (product descriptions, specific offers, product locations, time bound deals, etc.) can be shown exactly when they would expect; whilst also showing them directions. 

Positively, this feature can draw more and more customers to your business, because of the experience they receive by using beacon enabled navigation and realizing its value and benefits. Customers having experienced a smooth journey due to the navigation feature might want to come again and again – to revisit the experience. What may seem to be an insignificant feature on the proximity platform, can lead to major positive outcomes like establishing a long term relationship between customer and company.

Use Cases of Beacon Enabled Indoor Navigation

Retail Stores: The primary use case for PinCarts Retail Technology, retail outlets, large format stores and large shopping malls, the beacon indoor navigation feature is a boon in addition to the other facilities that will be on the App like store discovery, product finding and availing offers even before they begin purchasing. The idea is (and also the results seen indicate) to increase and improve staying time and engagement and retain individual customers, thereby building loyalty toward the brand.

Shopping Malls: More than anything else, it is the malls – that span over several acres of space on the land, both horizontally and vertically – that are in dire need of a beacon navigation facility, to help shoppers locate the store they want to visit. Several beacons can be deployed inside a mall building, at the entrances of stores, entrance and exit of the mall itself, in the parking areas, common areas like large lobbies, and corridors and also at the cinema ticket window, food court, leisure areas, restrooms and so on. basically, at any place where people are expected to gather. A tiny yet detailed layout of each floor will be visible to shoppers on their smartphones upon downloading the PinCarts app

Museums: Of course, another place where there are groups of crowds – visitors – and a possibility of disorientation in the absence of a guide is the museum – large structure, too many rooms and a lot to see. Visitors can access a detailed layout of the museum building and choose what display they want to visit and prioritize accordingly. 

Airports: International Airport – Mumbai: Imagine how important it is for passengers to report to their boarding gates on time after finishing security and boarding procedures. In a state of hurry and panic, many times, passengers lose their way inside airport terminals or worse, miss their flights. Beacon installation inside large and busy airports like Gatwick in U.K. or Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai can very much ease the movement of passengers once they enter the airport premises. 

University Campuses: Yes, precisely. Academic campuses are massive, housing several administration offices, libraries, numerous classrooms, departments and common areas. The next best application of beacon-indoor-navigation with a few meter accuracy and precision, is a university campus. Imagine the comfort and convenience that students, patrons, professors and even administrators will get thanks to this use case of beacons.

Redefine Consumer Experience Through Bluetooth Indoor Navigation
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