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It is not just limited roles that beacons play inside retail stores, to send signals to nearby smartphone devices and prompt store visits and show them offers. Beacons are all set to play larger roles that mere communication and marketing, that will go a long way into building up consumer experience and providing consumer convenience. To make shopping extremely seamless for shoppers of today, who come to brick and mortar stores to seek an experience, checking out of stores and making payments for merchandise purchased, has become a very big challenge. One finds annoyingly long cashier queues and not-so-helpful cashiers who, more than being willing to process payments double up as marketing experts, pushing loyalty and membership cards. How will Bluetooth beacons play a pro-active role here, and how this will benefit retailers, let’s have a short discussion.

Leveraging beacon technology for contactless mobile payments will not only help shoppers have a smooth and quick checkout but will also help retailers manage crowds and build loyalty by pushing relevant content to users’ phones just before they leave the store. All that needs to be done is, to tap the phone screen that displays the total bill due, to a nearby beacon checkout device and confirm the payment on the App that supports the proximity shopping experience – the PinCarts App.

  1. Bluetooth beacons will help customers shop inside the store and also reveal the prices of products that shoppers pick off the shelves and the relative discounts offered to that customer. This avoids the need for a human interaction and also avoid confusion or miscommunication.
  2. At the time of checkout, special offers and cashbacks can be promoted to the shopper, pertaining to their shopping cart. At the same time, relevant content can be shown, to prompt future store visits.
  3. Statistics have revealed that a good number of offline shoppers already use mobile payment gateways like PayTM and other options to checkout and many of them use mobile coupons also. This makes it only all the more relevant for retailers to leverage beacon enabled mobile payments to touch more and more shoppers.
  4. Significant customer insights can be gained through such kind of proximity payments that are later helpful in conducting market basket analysis or POS analysis to understand the customer better.
  5. Security and safety are not a concern at all, since wireless payments will not require any physical transaction to take place.
  6. The most important benefit of wireless payments instores is that they are mobile compatible payments, and so are device independent.

Every single information collected passively (without intruding privacy of the user) about shoppers inside offline stores is crucial for retail analytics, efficient decision making and helping understand customer profiles closely. Market basket analysis is the key data for overall customer insights as this gives away information about their preferences, the total spend capacity, shoppers’ preference with regards to price per product and average of total products purchased in a single purchase and also what products are usually purchased in combinations, for eg. Going forward, contactless checkout at retail stores will become mainstream once its benefits are realized and accepted largely.

Even though this may be the last step in a customer’s shopping journey, but is a crucial one, to ensure loyalty building and to realize the objective of a seamless shopping experience that PinCarts aims to provide in the near future. It is at this step that we ensure a future store visit by the same shopper/s.

This video by AmazonGo gives a small insight into what is in store in the future for retail outlets and fashion shoppers in high-street brand outlets. all you need to do is, keep your mobile phone handy before, during and after shopping.

Contactless Payments: The Latest Trend In Beacon Technology
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